Heshima ya Kimba  

Rhodesian Ridgeback breeder (South Africa)
Kianga's home kennel in South Africa

Red Namib Sands

Rhodesian Ridgeback breeder (Germany)
Imara Jabali Donner "Kira", Amani's mother

Bukuru of Sambesi Waters

Intl. CH Bukuru of Sambesi Waters (Switzerland) Amani's father

Ntchwaidumela Rhodesian Ridgeback Kennel
Home of Karoskloof Ntchwaidumela "Taq"
Hillvalley Rhodesian Ridgebacks Rhodesian Ridgeback breeder (Germany)
Ozrhode Wild Inspiration "Diva" & Leo
African Legends Rhodesian Ridgebacks Rhodesian Ridgeback Kennel (Texas, U.S.A.)
Kianga's sister Heshima ya Kimba Fisela Fika
Karoskloof Rhodesian Ridgebacks Rhodesian Ridgeback kennel (South Africa) Breeder of the sire of our A-litter
Karoskloof Mack's Jamir Rhodesian Ridgeback Jamir (Holland)
Kianga's half brother
Rhodesian Ridgeback Amira Breed Portrait of Rhodesian Ridgeback girl Amira (Germany)
Nurisha Rhodesian Ridgebacks Rhodesian Ridgeback breeder (Scotland)

Rhodesian Ridgeback Plattform

Rhodesian Ridgeback-Plattform (Germany)



Féderation Cynologique Internationale, Belgium


Real Sociedad Canina de España, Spain


Verein Deutscher Hundezüchter, Germany

Whisper Listen Learn

Claire Bennee - Natural Animal Behaviourist (Andalucía, Spain) EU dog breeder directory (Europe)
PupClassifieds dog breeder directory
Canangi Dog School

Dogtraining & Canine Psychology in Estepona

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