News - 05.06.2011

Manayakaya Bayona "Zuri" has today passed the breeding examination of the DZRR in Unna, Germany, with flying colours and with best possible grade A - she is from now on approved for breeding!

We congratulate Alex and Zuri to these fantastic news - we are very happy for you and wait with anticipation for all the things to come!

Manayakaya Bayona "Zuri"


Magic Moments (part II)

Fantastic news!! Last weekend Manayakaya Bayona "Zuri" gained the following incredible results:

Saturday 21.05.2011
DZRR Spezialzuchtschau, Appel (Germany)
Judge: Janet Kay from South Africa (RSA)
Manayakaya Bayona Zuri - open class (19 entries)
Excellent 1 - Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH

Sunday 22.05.2011
DZRR Clubsiegershow, Appel (Germany)
Judge: Neil Kay from South Africa (RSA)
Manayakaya Bayona Zuri - open class (16 entries)
Excellent 1 - Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH and CAC / CAC Club, best bitch

Manayakaya Bayona Zuri - DZRR Clubshow Appel 2011 BOB

We are soooo proud and would have loved to have been there to experience it all live! Thank you so much, Alex and Zuri, for this amazing and completely unexpected birthday surprise!!!

Heartfelt congratulations from me as well as "Mama Kianga" and the whole pack from Spain - we are so happy and feel lucky that it all happened the way it did almost two years ago now!


Magic Moments...

Welcome on board of life, Sarai Eliana!

Sonnenschein''El día que tu nacistes,Sonnenschein
que triste estaría el sol
en ver que otro sol salía
con mucho más resplandor. ''

Sarai Eliana

Sarai Eliana * 20.02.2011

We are overjoyed about the birth of our second daughter and baby sister
Gesina & Henk with Siana


Manayakaya Bayona "Zuri" on a roll!

At today's international Show (CACIB) in Rheinberg (Germany) Manayakaya Bayona (Zuri) won the open class with V1, Anw. Dt. Champion VDH and CAC Club. In addition she also gained the CACIB, was awarded Best Female as well as the title Rheinlandsiegerin 2011!

Manayakaya Bayona -  Rheinland Siegerin 2011

Chicas, we are MEGA-PROUD and so happy for your wonderful and well deserved success!



Happy Second Birthday, B-Litter!

Congratulations to Bamako "Byron", Bahiyah Chupika, Bayona "Zuri", Baylee, Brandy, Belay Sancho, Be Fourever Yours, Barak O'Bama, Biskaya, Bintou, Bakari und Barnsten - have a fantastic day with lots of treats, walks and goodies! We have the fondest memories of the first weeks you spent with us here in Spain and we are always very happy to hear news from you and receive fotos!

Happy 2nd Birthday, B-Litter!

I am very proud to be able to publish this picture of Manayakaya Bamako "Byron", representing all B-littermates, on my website today. As one can see Byron - despite his extremely difficult start into life - has developed into a strong, noble and wonderfully balanced young male.
Thank you, Bettina for this wonderful foto of Byron and for EVERYTHING (you know what I mean... ;-)!


Fantastic News from France!

At the international show (CACIB) in Bordeaux (F) Manayakaya Bakari ("Kimba") is awarded Best of Breed and CACIB under judge L. Mach (Switzerland)!

Bordeaux - Manayakaya BAKARI

We say "Felicidades!" and Congratulations, Kimba und Sylvie!!
Very well done!!


Great News from France!

Manayakaya Bakari ("Kimba") passes the T.A.N. (Test of Natural Ability) with flying colours reaching 97 out of 100 points! The T.A.N. exam takes place once a year and is organised by the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club France; the test assesses the breed's most prominent character traits (e.g. stability, sociability and specific instincts).

Our heartfelt congratulations go to Sylvie and Kimba in Southern France - we are very proud of you!


Zuri continues her road to success!
At today's RRC-NL clubshow in Houten/Utrecht (NL) Manayakaya Bayona (Zuri) has won the intermediate class (V1) under judge E. Haapaniemi (FIN)!!
Girls, we are so proud and feel very happy for you! Keep on going!!!

Clubshow RRC NL, Houten Utrecht

(c) Petra & Wolfgang Reiter


At the DZRR Clubshow in Nieheim (D) Manayakaya Bayona (Zuri) was awarded by judge Gerda Halff van Boven (NL)
V2, Res. Anw. Deutscher Champion VDH, Res CAC Club
as well as becoming 2nd best female of the show!
Congratulations to Zuri und Alex - we are mega proud of you!

DZRR Clubshow 2010


Our A-litter celebrates its 3rd birthday today!
Congratulations to all A-babies - Atiya Nikita, Aziza Emily, Ahadi ni Deni, Amy, Ayala, Ajani Camillo, Anbessa Basilio, Anyango, Ayodele Zuri, Athos und Abubakar - wherever you are right now, I hope you will be spoilt and pampered today by your two-legged family members!

Happy 3rd Birthday, A-Litter!

Manayakaya Abubakar as "birthday card model"
- representative for all A-litter mates and for what wonderful and noble ridgebacks they have developed.
Muchas gracias to Paco y Josè for this wonderful foto of Buba!


Great news from France!
At the national dog show in Ventabren Manayakaya Bakari ("Kimba") gained CAC, BOB and BIG!!
We are very happy for Sylvie and Kimba send our heartfelt congratulations to Callian!

Manayakaya Bakari "Kimba"


... again another year has gone by...
I am happy and grateful to have you with us, my beloved Amani, who is celebrating his 7th birthday today!
Stay as vigilant, cuddly, affectionate, loveable and hoggish as you are!

Happy Birthday, Amani!!


Show debut for Manayakaya Bakari (aka Kimba) - last weekend (08/05/2010) Kimba and Sylvie attended the CACIB in Elvas/Portugal. Kimba was awarded EXC1 by judge Jose Romao da Silva (PT) and received the CAC. The following Sunday (09/05/2010) at the CACIB in Badajoz/Spain Kimba again received EXC1 and CACIB by judge Seamus Oates (IR).

Manayakaya Bakari

Our heartfelt congratulations go to Kimba und Sylvie to this great show start!
We are very happy and proud!!


There are new, beautiful pictures of gorgeous Manayakaya Bayona (aged 15 months)!
Furthermore, last Saturday (24.04.2010) Manayakaya Bayona (aka Zuri) attended the CACIB in Lingen.

Manayakaya Bayona - DZZR Clubshow 2009

Zuri started in Youth Class and was awarded an excellent, first place (EXC1) by judge J Hiddes (NL). In addition, she also gained her first qualifying point towards the German Youth Champion (DtJCh - VDH), Youth CAC (Club) and became Best Young Rhodesian Ridgeback!

We are very proud and say "Felicidades" to Zuri and Alex for these fantastic results!


We are still in the process of adapting our daily routines around the life and needs of our youngest family member. Here are the first pictures of our baby daughter, Siana Elín (2 weeks young):


fireworks"The Best Things in Life come to those who wait..."fireworks

Longingly awaited, now finally in our arms:
Welcome to the World, little SIANA ELÍN!
We are grateful & happy
- Gesina & Henk with Siana Elín -

First pics to follow shortly - we kindly ask to refrain from further puppy enquiries, as we won't give up Siana for anything in the world;-)!


KlapperstorchFantastic News: Klapperstorch
Offspring expected around the end of February !!!
Further information when the time is right :-)!



Last Saturday (23.01.2010) Manayakaya Bakari (aka Kimba) passed her CSAU test (Certificat de Sociabilité et d'Aptitude à l'Utilisation) with flying colours (excellent)!
We are very proud and send our congratulations to France - "Bravo, Sylvie and Kimba!"


Just incredible how time flies ...
Today, one year ago our B-litter was born!
Bamako (Byron), Biskaya, Be Fourever Yours (Aka), Bayona (Zuri), Belay Sancho, Baylee (Rozi), Barak O'Bama (Chester), Barnsten, Brandy, Bahiyah Chupika, Bakari (Kimba) & Bintou - have a great birthday with lots of extra cuddles, long walks and special goodies from your families!

Happy Birthday, B-Wurf!!


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